A thousand episodes and running…..


A well known face on South Indian cities on Television.Presented over 1000 individual  shows on ’Rosebowl’ the principal entertainment bouquet of ‘Asianet satellite Communications’ channels across Kerala, and is frequently seen in other metro cities across India.

His production, the popular weekly show ‘Listmania’ on world cinema has been running unbroken since 2008. 

Fathered India’s first show on anomalous science phenomena, UFO’s, Paranormal, and all things exciting and unanswerable called ‘The Unon Factor’, which is aired weekly on Prime time, and has close to two hundred weekly episodes on record.

Deemed an expert in contemporary English music, he anchors another popular music program presently touching close to 400 episodes. These launched variously under the names of ‘Fountain Head’, Nine at Night’, ‘Dream Weavers’, ‘Fields of Sound’, and now ‘Soundscape’

Other popular shows of his are ‘Friday Punch’, and ‘World’s Best Documentaries’.

In today’s world and in the future, visual story telling would be the most powerful tool for selling ideas and concepts. The Visual medium has always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the customer’s/viewer’s attention.

This was a small collage of Siddharth’s video journalism.  

To see a more exhaustive list of promotional videos on”youtube”  -here – ‘Tv and Video Journalism’


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