Video and TV Journalism

” The ocean asks for nothing,
but those who stand by her shores….
gradually attune themselves to her rhythm”

Sinerjetik Media

In today’s world and in the future, Visual story telling would be the most powerful tool for selling ideas and concepts. For what the eye captures , the mind retains and if the subject has quality, the idea is sold.

The Visual medium has always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the customer’s/viewer’s attention.

It has been proven that a video going viral could be of any nature on social network sites. Hence it’s the idea and the quality of production that matters. Team ‘Sinerjetik’ has solid experience in delivering the same.

We start by understanding your business, your products & service, your target customer’s profile and your objective for developing a promotional film. Thereafter a concept is developed by our creative team and it is then brainstormed with you, with the aid of storyboards. Finally, we go about the business of producing the short Film, Ad Film /TVC or Corporate Film.

So call us at ‘Sinerjetik’ and help us help you make your vision a reality.

Listed below are a few promotional videos out of the one thousand shows which have gone on air


World’s greatest documentaries


Listmania Promo

Fields of Sound

Another Listmania Promo

Listmania Promo

 D-Unon Factor Promos

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