“A bend in the river isn’t the end of the river,

unless you fail to make the turn”


This vertical is all about just one famous best selling author and his forty four published novels, all of which are being promoted and E-published through Sinerjetik.

‘PammaPamman-2n’ has been one among the most successful malayalam writers and novelists in contemporary Kerala’s literary scene. With over a score best sellers running into a dozen editions and more, Pamman has captured the imagination of readers across fifty years.chattakari He is best known for his works ‘Chattakari’, and ‘Adimagal’, which were made into films and won him state awards. Chattakari became so famous, and turned out to be the one of the earliest super box office movies of the seventies, that it was remade into every south Indian language, and even as ‘Julie’ in Hindi, which even today captivates audiences with it’s mesmerising songs.
Almost all his works grapple with the sensitive and sometimes sensual nature of the human psyche.Pamman-1
To enable his readers and ever increasing fan following, to have complete access to all his works, Sinerjetik is releasing an entire new edition of his books in a digital format, with online sales across multiple platforms.appu

An author who has kept his readers spellbound for so many decades, needs to go beyond the barriers of language. To increase his reach across the globe, we are now bringing out the very first English translation of one his epic bestsellers ‘Appu’.

As disclosed earlier, there are many talented storytellers in the team.

Is Reality realOne such story has the makings of a global bestseller. Titled ‘Is Reality Real’, this most unusual of narratives, challenges the very nature of our existence. Bolstered on every single line over line with scientific evidence and hard research findings, and the views and opinions of countless physicists, and Nobel prize winners; this work has the potential to turn into a landmark in Indian scientific thought, by being the first to create a paradigm shift in the way we view ourselves and the familiar world around us.

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