Our History

“Things do not change; we change” – Henry David Thoreau


‘Sinerjetik’ is an acronym for the members of this unusual team.

The journey started over three decades ago as ‘Antares’, in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, where new and innovative solutions in technology were hatched. Team ‘Antares’ came with a wealth of experience in such diverse fields as marine technology, oil and gas, alternative energy, including wind, solar, and biomass gasification, Instrumentation, Electronics and Defence, Broadcast Satellite Operations, Information technology, Education and training.

While engineering cutting edge solutions in technology, the members of ‘Antares’ shared a common trait, as passionate artists, and performers in music, classical performing arts, creative writing, visual media and design.

Creativity has no bounds, and so the team decided to synergise the energy and directions of it’s artistic talent pool, thus giving birth to ‘Sinerjetik’, who carries a modified ‘Antares’ logo, to derive strength and ideas from it’s past.

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